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At SmartAcqua Solutions, our goal is to revolutionize the way that utility companies manage non-revenue water. We equip organizations with the tools to generate unbelievable operational efficiencies whilst also saving more water for the population and planet.

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Our History

SmartAcqua Solutions was built by a team of expert professionals with over 35 years of industry experience. They saw first-hand how the problem of water loss affected utility companies. From there, they agreed that they wanted to leverage cutting-edge technology in order to solve it. Pooling their expertise and advanced technological capabilities, they created SmartAcqua.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is grounded in the objective and scientific world of technology. We believe that the right technology can help us to fight non-revenue water and increase the operational efficiency of utility companies around the world. We use a few core elements:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Field Information
  • Sensors
  • Algorithms
  • Advanced Statistics

Leveraging this, we detect and prioritize water losses in the supply networks of utility companies. From there, we generate solutions. Our top focus is to fight water loss, maximizing revenue, and optimizing utility company’s operating costs.

The Leadership

Hélio Samora
Founder & CEO
Hélio is our Chief Executive Officer. Hélio has spent the last 30 years creating and managing technology solutions for the manufacturing, oil, mining, defense and government sectors. He is passionate about creating change in the utilities space and transforming the way that we manage non-revenue water.
Enéas Ripoli
Founder & CTO
Enéas is SmartAcqua Solutions’s CTO. He brings a wealth of expertise, having spent 40 years developing and implementing technologies to optimize industrial production processes and infrastructure services. A true industry expert, he is also CEO of GestÁgua Consultoria, a company specialized in water loss management.
Fernanda Soares
Sales Director
Our Sales Director, Fernanda, has over 20 years of experience in selling innovative technological solutions for industry. She excels when it comes to optimizing costs and maximizing customer results. She’s passionate about getting the right solution to the right client, every time.

Globally, USD 39 billion is lost every year through non-revenue water.

Be part of the change. Work towards an efficient future, saving precious water, and driving your operational cost-cutting.

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