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Who is the SmartAcqua Solutions partner program for?

  • Technology providers
  • Engineeringcompanies
  • Systems integrators

The SmartAcqua Solutions community enables you to explore new business opportunities and offer your network our industry-leading technology to combat non-revenue water.

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Why Us?

We work collaboratively with our partners in order to generate more efficient and streamlined water utility operations everywhere. SmartAcqua partners enjoy a range of unique benefits.

Partner Program
Connect with other businesses in the industry and capitalize on valuable market opportunities in the water utilities space.
Strategic Alliances and System Integrators
Expand and enhance the portfolio of services that you provide for utilities companies. Become a market-leader by delivering SmartAcqua Solutions’s ground-breaking technology to help your network optimize their performance and combat non-revenue water.
Partner Portal
The specialized SmartAcqua Solutions Partner Portal gives you access to a wide variety of tools and resources that were specifically developed with companies like yours in mind. Get started today!

Globally, USD 39 billion is lost every year through non-revenue water.

Be part of the change. Work towards an efficient future, saving precious water, and driving your operational cost-cutting.

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