Water Losses Management

Using a suite of diagnostic tools, SmartAcqua Solutions generates feasible solutions prioritized by economic value for your company. By assessing consumption anomalies, consumer databases, city data, and more, we give you game-changing actions to fight non-revenue water.

Strategic Planning

We help to generate cost-effective strategic plans based on field actions. Non-conformance, rates and cost registration is also used into the strategy to make sure you are set up for success.

Service Work Orders

Service work orders made simple. Optimized for field action execution and management, we also include definitions of necessary equipment and services

Management Reports

Save water; save money. Easy-to-digest management reports give you visibility into your operations. Quickly check ROI using CAPEX and OPEX financial reports. See recommended field actions, commercial and physical losses, nonconformity alerts, and more.

Heat Map for Apparent and Real Losses

Visualize and take action. Combat non-revenue water quickly and with ease using the latest data visualization tools. A specialized heatmap reveals apparent and real losses for you to prioritize and execute actions.

Business Process and Best Practices

Become an industry leader with the strategic power of technology. Our solution includes pre-configured out-of-the-box business processes and best practices, helping you to benefit from real operational savings with a low total cost of ownership.

System Architeture

Flexible. Efficient. Secure. Our advanced cloud architecture uses big data analytics and AI to collect water distribution data and provide optimized results. It’s mobile so you can easily check management and field services anytime, anywhere. Save money with confidence, knowing your business and operational data are held securely

Globally, USD 39 billion is lost every year through non-revenue water.

Be part of the change. Work towards an efficient future, saving precious water, and driving your operational cost-cutting.

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