Reduce your non-revenue water through high-tech innovation. Discover untapped operational savings.

Our cutting-edge AI Solution gives utility companies total centralized control over their water loss. We maximize both revenue and water resources, creating increased efficiency and and potentially additional revenue for you.

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Capture and organize Commercial and Operational Data

SmartAcqua Solutions captures and visualizes commercial and operational data, enabling you to constantly advance towards better performance, increased water efficiency and improved cost savings.

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Analyze and Identify Water Losses using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence stops water losses by considering your company’s historical data, current corporate systems, and field data. We then apply our powerful algorithms to identify and analyze water loss, enhancing your decision-making process.

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Manage and Execute Field Work Orders to Reduce Water Losses

We deliver clear analysis with smart insights and recommended field actions. Focus on high-return field activities with our fieldwork prioritization tools.

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Globally, USD 39 billion is lost every year through non-revenue water.

Be part of the change. Work towards an efficient future, saving precious water, and driving your operational cost-cutting.

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